About Us

Our aim is to offer training, and thereby to create opportunities, for talented young musicians who plan to make chamber music an important part of their career.

Chamber Music Courses

Each year we provide four residential courses which are completely free for the participants. They last for approximately ten days and are held in a beautiful converted barn in the heart of the Surrey countryside. The courses are led by a distinguished professional musician, usually either Arisa Fujita, the leader of the prize-winning Gémeaux Quartett and a former Professor at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, or Akiko Ono, Principal Violin Teacher at the Yehudi Menuhin School and also a Professor at the Guildhall.  
Additional coaching is provided by Professor David Takeno, one of the UK’s leading chamber music coaches, David Waterman, cellist of the Endellion Quartet, or Simon Rowland-Jones, founder violist of the Chilingirian Quartet.
Each course culminates in three public concerts for appreciative and discerning audiences in Cobham
and West London and occasionally elsewhere in the UK. The participants are normally undergraduate or postgraduate students from a UK conservatoire or university.
Each year we also provide a number of non-residential courses for more advanced students, many of whom have previously benefited from our residential training. These 3-4 day courses, usually based in London, adopt an approach more typical of a professional chamber group and the musicians are paid an appropriate fee.

Our Founder
Aidan Woodcock, who founded the Trust in 2006, was a member of the London Symphony Orchestra.  Music, in particular chamber music, was the great passion of his life and many of today’s professional musicians owe him an incalculable debt for the opportunities and encouragement he gave them. Aidan died in 2016 but his legacy lives on in the work of this charity.

Our Emblem

Maiastra is a bird with miraculous powers found in Romanian folklore, said to restore youth to those who hear its beautiful song. This charming image is the emblem of the Maiastra concerts which are organised by the Aidan Woodcock Charitable Trust.

Aidan Woodcock
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