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Mozart & Mendelssohn String Quintets

Mozart: String Quintet in C major, K. 515 As an accomplished viola player, it is unsurprising that Mozart sought opportunities for this rich but sometimes overlooked instrument. His mature quintets, written for two violas, are widely regarded as his finest chamber music compositions. The inclusion of the additional instrument produces an exquisite richness of texture, the smooth surface masking the depth of invention and complexity lying beneath. The effervescent and captivating C major quintet was composed in the spring of 1787, along with its deeply tragic G minor quintet counterpart. Mendelssohn: String Quintet in A major, Op. 18 In this, one of his two string quintet compositions, Mendelssohn followed Mozart’s example and opted for two violas. Penned in 1826 at the precocious age of just 17, this work shows off the composer’s youthful vigour and imaginative brilliance. The first movement opens with a delightful Mozartian theme, contrasting with the delicate wistfulness of the Intermezzo. It is in the lively Scherzo that Mendelssohn is arguably at his finest, providing some wonderfully rude interruptions that shatter the playful atmosphere.


Mozart - String Quintet in C major, K. 515
Mendelssohn - String Quintet in A major, Op. 18

Course Director

Akiko Ono


Akiko Ono - violin
Haim Choi - violin
Anna Growns - viola
Tom Widdicombe - viola
Sergio Serra - cello

Free admission with a retiring collection.



October 2018

7:30 pm

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October 2018

7:30 pm

St. Andrew's Church

Church Street, Cobham KT11 3EJ

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