David Waterman

'I have been delighted and privileged to be asked to coach the young groups involved on a number of occasions. I regard the scheme as a highly imaginative, efficiently run and very effective way of giving students invaluable experience of preparing and performing chamber music concerts.

The standard of the young participants is very high and their commitment and dedication is invariably impeccable. The preparation of the programmes is carefully conceived and the leaders of the group are wonderful and experienced players and teachers, and the input of a visiting coach introduces new perspectives and ideas and energy at a critical stage.   It is vital that the players get the opportunity to repeat their programme a few times which brings them an ease and confidence impossible to achieve in any other way. 

The students get a taste of what it is like to prepare pieces quickly to a high level, they get to know the pieces they learn in depth, and they get to know each other and learn about how to rehearse. This is an excellent model for what some of them will find themselves doing in festivals of chamber music, across Europe.'

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